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2000/12/16-03:37:04 ba So, who's today's.I.P? Can someone out there call my friends from stcnx? But netscape seems to work ok (i'm using a mac) 2000/12/15-20:19:59 Bilbo thought maybe it was the firewall here (i'm at work at the mo!) 2000/12/15-20:20:04 Gunstick mac has often problems and I never find a mac to check the problems. 2000/12/16-17:51:53 Stick After almost 10 years Vantage is still very tall. 2000/12/15-22:45:49 NUT party even 2000/12/15-22:47:18 NUT ANY one in here alive? Say, gunstic, did you write this chat? Let me see how quick it loads 2000/12/16-18:42:48 Bilbo perfect! 2000/12/14-01:10:52 Gunstick logfile works. 2000/12/15-23:18:20 NUT shit - irc would have been better. 2000/12/16-17:47:38 Vantage I wonder where these are 2000/12/16-17:47:42 Stick Mr O'Blib, can u try it again tell me if it's werkin - fanks! Will see you all tomorrow night. 2000/12/16-00:11:37 Bilbo i'm off. 2000/12/16-19:09:22 Stick Anywayz, gonna get some food, cos I'm starving.

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You aren't exactly here either :-) 2000/12/16-16:51:59 rencontre femme pour sexe mamie tres chaude Bilbo it's still early though. Just thought I'd pop my head in - how's it all going? 2000/12/16-01:18:39 cronos Hey, can someone help MC Laser with rencontre femme pour sexe mamie tres chaude an RGB cable for the Falcon? Dites lui d' arreter cest gluant cest degueulasse merde! 2000/12/16-17:58:21 Vantage porno habillé dominatrice lyon Gunstick, you talk too much about business related issues 2000/12/16-17:58:22 Stick Hey, do you know? Photo avocat pornographique site de rencontre. Elle est partie visiter sa famille au nordeste et ne revient que dans un mois 2000/12/16-19:47:08 MarlonBranlo hullaballuh. There's breakfast and lunch (and dinner) for 100 people. 2000/12/16-17:47:22 KRexSTConnexion bilbo, can't you understand that vantage was carried away when he arrived at the stniccc 2000 and saw so many beautiful ladies? 2000/12/16-17:30:36 Vantage Ilja de Laiveulle Sixtine 2000/12/16-17:30:47 Bilbo really?

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2000/12/16-17:26:32 Bilbo nothing to do with. 2000/12/16-21:28:23 Bilbo has anybody used the forum? Only too little time! 2000/12/16-18:43:30 KRexSTConnexion bilbo: gimme the url 2000/12/16-18:43:40 Wiz hang on 2000/12/16-18:43:52 Bilbo m 2000/12/16-18:43:53 Stick Fiddling ahoy! Simply: I love you brother! 2000/12/14-21:46:45 Gunstick ulm 2000/12/15-00:12:15 DForce This is a test 2000/12/15-00:15:23 DForce I hope that everyone at the stniccc will have a great time. 2000/12/17-00:58:39 Keops_Equinox stniccc website is unreachable 2000/12/17-01:06:24 Keops_Equinox modmate 2000/12/17-01:06:38 mOdmate hehe 2000/12/17-01:06:53 mOdmate I just thought to join in here to see what is going on 2000/12/17-01:07:12 mOdmate not as much as on #atari 2000/12/17-03:19:11 kronosmarlon hey 505 (milhouse am keyboard) 2000/12/17-04:27:21 AloneFromTrio thefate? 2000/12/16-21:50:35 Keops_Eqx you can even annouce it at the stniccc! 2000/12/16-21:36:39 Bilbo hey keops. I have to read the article 2000/12/16-19:07:37 Stick Yep, but you can't get it - all the telcos are advertising it, but I don't know anyone who's applied that got. Bye for now 2000/12/16-02:17:44 TNS eeh. 2000/12/16-21:26:27 jlpvck Have a nice day, night, morning.

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